Is the data centre completely owned by you or do you co-locate?

We rent a secure space within the Equinix Datacentre, SY3, located in Sydney Australia.

Do you offer a web design service?

Yes. We can design and create personal websites from a few pages to full blown e-commerce stores and even show you how to add items to your store.

Do you offer website maintenance or management?

Yes. We believe we are the first to offer this service. For a small monthly fee you can sign up to the 'My Own Webmaster' service through the Login portal. We will run weekly updates, make sure everything is in order, check security of your CMS and even add items into your e-commerce store.

Do you offer a managed VPS service?

Yes. You can apply for a managed VPS during signup or after. We will tend to any issues you may have and have them resolved in a timely manner.

Do you offer backups?

Yes. We have daily automated backups for shared web hosting clients only. Files and databases are backed up. Retrieval of data will cost a small fee. VPS service clients must request for backup processes to be installed on their services

Where are you located?

SpiderWeb Hosting is located in Sydney, Australia, servicing all of Australia.


How do I upload files to my website?

You have two choices; First choice is to login to your cPanel account located at cpanel.YOURWEBSITE.com.au, click on 'File Manager' , choose your location (usually public_www) and click on 'upload'. The second option is via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You can download a free FTP client called FileZilla, enter your details you created within your cPanel account under 'FTP Accounts' and start uploading.

What is the policy on "SPAM" and "unsolicited emails"?

If we suspect spam or unsolicited emails are being sent from your account, we may limit or suspend your service and contact you to resolve the issue. Continual abuse will have your account terminated without exceptions.

My domain was suspended for mass mail! Help!

If your account is limited or suspended due to unsolicited emails or spam you must contact us to rectify the issue. The best method is to submit a support ticket via the Login portal.

I get a message that my IP is blocked by the server

We have stringent security systems in place and sometimes problems may occur. To unblock your IP you can either call support on 1300 606 755 or login to the Login portal and unblock your IP yourself. If the problem persists please submit a support ticket.


How do you take payments?

We accept credit card payments and Paypal.

Do you have a 30 day money back guarantee?

Yes. If you are a shared hosting customer and are unhappy with the service provided we will refund your money. To request a refund please open a support ticket before your month is up. Any requests after 30 days will be denied.